Prototype Manufacturing

Horizon MDM Inc. was formed with the initial focus on producing the highest quality customs, specials and prototypes for instrumentation and implants. This service is a corner stone of our company and we are the best at providing prototypes for labs and testing. We can also offer a seamless transition to our production platform to fill  your company's needs for larger quantities of product. This ensures Shorter lead times and eliminates the learning curve for the production instruments.

Our highly trained machinists will bring customers' designs to life and work with our customer support staff to keep you directly informed on the progress of your project. You can be assured your short timelines will be met with on time delivery and an outstanding quality of workmanship.

Production Manufacturing

A full quality system that complies completely with our ISO:13485 2003 certification has been put in place to ensure quality and tractability for all product made in our facility. The system was designed and implemented to support the outstanding service Horizon MDM Inc. provides.

Production manufacturing for larger quantity single components to complex assemblies will be made by our highly trained and experienced staff . Horizon MDM Inc. will ensure all material, coatings and assembly is done to customers exact specifications and requirements.

For more information about production services please direct you enquires to Horizon MDM Inc. on our contact page.

Instrument Repair

Hospitals and doctors can be tough on instruments, there is also wear over time so fixing, sharpening and repairing instruments is a service we offer. Horizon MDM Inc. can disassemble, replace parts and return your instrumentation refurbished to your high standards while insuring function and traceability. A cost effective alternative to replacing expensive instruments that will reduce the time products are out of service.

EDM Orbital Sinker Service 

Horizon MDM Inc. offers EDM Orbital Sinker services with full C axis eroding of difficult or impossible features to machine.

Let us design your electrodes for you to manufacture yourself or we can have our experience machinists manufacture them in house. Your product will be returned with the required documentation and inspection certifications.

A combined twenty years experience in EDM Sinking is available at our facility and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this process. You can direct your enquires to us via our contact page.  


Your fixtures will be made quickly and cost effectively for a simple operation or for your most complex application and design. Attention to detail by Horizon MDM Inc. will give you the quality fixture for your, bending, crimping or assembly needs. Our trained staff will test and qualify to any requirements you may have.

Design Development Review

We can provide feedback on projects with an evaluation of materials and processes, then present suggested Quality and Price Improvements for later revisions of prototypes or for a design transfer to production.

Horizon MDM Inc. wants your transition going forward to be as smooth as possible to achieve your design requirements and manufacturing goals on-time and within budget.